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What is the best makeup for someone with red hair,fair skin, freckles and green eyes?

i know just what you mean, Ihave long curly red hair with pretty fair skin and green eyes. I have found that using a power foundation and sparkly/shimmery white just below your eyebrows and either a colour matching what you are wearing or a light tan as eye make up is sooo beautiful with a light layer of BROWN mascara. Especially if you top it off with with a pale or clear shiny lip gloss.You can use a light pink or peachy blush brushed over the apples of your cheeks,forehead, tip of your nose and chin as well if you like to.What is the best makeup for someone with red hair,fair skin, freckles and green eyes?
eyeshadow: light pink, a peach color with a hint of pink, and gold.

eyeliner: black

mascara: black

blush: light pink

lip gloss: light pink

Pretty much go with peach colors and pinkWhat is the best makeup for someone with red hair,fair skin, freckles and green eyes?
I would use a brown eyeliner, a light shimmery ivory eyeshadow under browbone and inner lid towards your nose, a light brown eyeshadow in your eyelid crease and above dark green accent eyeshadow as an accent along your lashline and lid with a lash lengthening black/brown mascara. A warm color blush (brownish-not pink) and a light neutral lipstick topped with a gloss. A tinted moisturizer for foundation is great coming into spring/summer.
Black eyeliner + mascara. Sheer gloss.
There's a great book called ';Color Me Beautiful'; which divides people into seasons according to what their complexion, hair and eye color. It's suggested that redheads with green eyes look best in peachy coloured make up with soft fawn or soft khaki green eye makeup. Peach or peachy-beige/peachy pink lipstick is good to. And check out the site on makeup just for those of us who have red hair. it's listed below. also the Clairol and Covergirl sites will tell y ou what looks best with your coloring.
Redheads look best in an array of browns and blue and green look amazing on eyes when applied for lipgloss use clear or one with a gold tint to also looks very good.

Most natural redheads have a red tint to their skin....I would suggest a green concealer and then to layer your foundation on. Also use a good dry skin is most common in redheads.
I think that mineral makeup works good. Lots of good ones for sal eon ebay.
some mascara blue eyeshadow and light blush because it brings out your red hair
light green or brown eyeshadow, lots of mascara and some bronzer on the cheeks
You could use anything that suits your taste. As long as you didn't put too much of it on, anything will be just fine.

How to apply dark makeup for eyes?

I wanted to try something like this:

Any suggestions on how to do it would be helpful!

thanks(:How to apply dark makeup for eyes?
Take a black eyeliner pencil, and line the inside tip of your bottom eyelid.

Top too. Next, take a dark shade of eye shadow (your choice) and blend just your eyelid. Then take a liquid eyeliner, or pencil, whatever you think would do best, and do a very thin rim around your whole eye. Then apply 2 coats of mascara for your top lashes, 1 coat for the bottom.

I hope that works.How to apply dark makeup for eyes?
well, i like their makeup too.

but they have professionals to do it.
what lauren said should work well

Everytime I put on makeup my eyes get so irritated?!?

It's like, I barely I can't even wear make up anymore! I mean, I love to look pretty some time, but my eyes are so sensitive. The only product that I can wear that can last me a while before my eyes get irritated, is covergirl. Maybe because I've worn covergirl products for so long? But I've worn like different products WITH covergirl. So I don't know what to do... I only wear makeup when ever I feel like it or whenever there's a big thing going on... otherwise I rarely wear it. What am I supposed to do?! I can't even wear foundation either! Or even use anything.. My face is so SENSITIVE.

P.S. Oh and btw, I'm not a big person on makeup, it's just that I just want to wear it and it's becoming a problem that I can't even wear it without my eyes watering and itching?!Everytime I put on makeup my eyes get so irritated?!?
If you weren't born with it you don't need it.

Your eyes are probably pretty enough without it.

Your body is talking to you.

Listen to it.

Its saying, that paint you are using is irritating me.

Please don't do this to me anymore. : )Everytime I put on makeup my eyes get so irritated?!?
I had that happen to me, So now I use Urban Decay (it works for me) And the best part is they don't test on cute little fuzzy animals, and cover girl does. Hope I helped you out ! :DDD
maybe its the kind ur using?

like my mom cannot use waterproof or her eyes get watery and red and itchy (kinda like u described) try using different kinds... Or go to a mac, bare minerals or any other kinda make up counter and tell them that your eyes are sensitive and tell them what u told us. Ask them if they can recommend some makeup for sensitive eyes. :)
You have an allergic reaction to makeup.

My mom is the same way.

Fortunately, they do make special makeup without all of the chemicals so that it will be less irritating.
Your makeup made be past its shelf life.Throw it out start fresh.Buy new hypoallergenic makeup like almays.always use disposable applicators.

Best makeup for aqua eyes?

I have a kind of strange color of eyes- they are almost teal- not blue or green.. but a dark aqua color. I always have trouble finding the right colors to make them pop. I have brownish red hair and light tan skin. Any ideas? Thank you!!Best makeup for aqua eyes?
Since aqua is a mix of blue and green, you should decide which color you would like to enhance:

To enhance the blue:

Try eye shadows in these colors:



*Warm Nude




*Warm Taupe

*Warm Brown

*Chocolate Brown

Obviously, your not going to go out and buy orange eyeshadow. But the shadow colors mentioned above are made with orange pigments and have a ';orange'; base to them.

To enhance the green:

Try eyeshadows in these colors:






Obviously, your not going to go out and buy red eyeshadow. But the shadow colors mentioned above are made with red pigments and have a ';red'; base to them.

You can try green shadow, but depending on the shade of your eyes, the green shadow color may ';compete'; with the green shade of your eyes

Have fun! Sounds like you have gorgeous eyesBest makeup for aqua eyes?
oh my gosh finally someone with the same eyecolor as me!! cool. well i use silver with like metalic dark grey liner(it makes them look kind of blue) and browns and purple. ocasionaly a light green. most of my eyeshadows are from maybelline the silver is almay though the kind without all the additives. hope this helps.
Mix the colors up! Use a brown and a purple! Or an aqua and a dark blue! You eyes already probablly pop because of the color!

Sham wow everyone!

Silver metallic loose eyeshadow. It will look really pretty with your hair and eye color.
can be brown or silver or purple.. it matches perfectly with your eyes
def purple and browns.
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  • What shades of makeup can i wear? I'm a brunette with big brown eyes and very fair skin.?

    i wouldnt say anything too dark or too light. shoot for some medium shades. i wouldnt use shades of brown for eyeshadow if i were you, because it tends to make people look like their lids are dispigmentated. (Wrong word, but do you know what i mean?) Anyways, purple looks GREAT on brown eyes. Since you have brown eyes, you can really play them up with out looking like a clown. so dont be afraid to think out of the box.What shades of makeup can i wear? I'm a brunette with big brown eyes and very fair skin.?
    I say blue for sure. NOT BRIGHT BLUE. Go to the Clinique counter at the mall. They could give you some really good ideas!What shades of makeup can i wear? I'm a brunette with big brown eyes and very fair skin.?
    Wear very natural colors that makes it seem like you have no makeup on at all. Like browns, tans, golds, stuff like that, like halle berry she wears very natural makeup. No blue and greens and purples, that looks terrible
    Nice combination, same as mine! I'm told I can wear cool and warm colors. And there are quite alot of shades that look good on me and I have gotten complimented on. In shadows, I can do some light- medium blues; gray-blues; I actually love golds; olive-like green shades- there was one fat eye stick, not a powder, I liked alot by maybelline, color was called Cold Cash, an olive almost gold color, got compliments on that; and purple shades although I'm not too into purples.

    For blush I found I liked peachy ones the best, though plums are good too. Lips there's alot of choices, light pink lipgloss, sheer red lipgloss, brownish with hints of pink or purple work. If you want to go dark or intense, a deep wine/plum type of red is best, one shade I had by Loreal Colour Riche was called Port. But never go too intense on both the eyes and lips at the same time, emphasize only one or the other at a time. Well I hope this gives you some ideas....
    You are probably a warm and would look good in deep blues and darker warmer shades.I have the same skin shade and am also brunette and usually do black liner and dark browns with deep purples, blues for eyes and deep reds and burgandy for lip shades.
    to bring out the browns in your eyes, uses subtle blue and purple shades.

    If your eyes are more toward the hazel side, use lots of greens and golds to play up the natural tones.

    Suggestions? Good homecoming makeup - BLUE EYES?

    Hello! A friend of mine asked me to do her makeup for homecoming, and I just want suggestions for what kind of colors, etc I should use. Her eyes are very light blue, and she has strawberry blonde hair. Pic:鈥?/a>

    I'm good with makeup, but I usually only do it for myself and I have hazel eyes.

    What I own is a dark plum, a copper/gold shimmery color, light yellow, light icy pink, browns, blacks, champagnes, brown eyeliner.... I have an idea of what will be good, but would appreciate more ideas :D

    Thanks!Suggestions? Good homecoming makeup - BLUE EYES?
    use browns, awesome, or black but don't apply too much of it , maybe sweet mascara and eyeliner without eyeshadow, or maybe with brown eyeshadow...and it still depends alot on what she's gonna wear!

    Whats a good way with makeup to make my green eyes come out more??

    What colors on, so i can make my eye color show more. or be ore noticable. thanks ? %26lt;3Whats a good way with makeup to make my green eyes come out more??
    I have green eyes and I use light purple on the middle of my lid and cream on the top and I use a dark purple in the crease. I read that's what really brings out green eyes. I also like my basic browns. ANY color will bring out your eyes as long as you learn how to apply it. Always use an eyelash curler and two or three coats of mascara. I have eyelash extensions so I luckily don't have to mess with that any more. Whatever you do stay away from green eyeshadow. It's too much. If you have to use it use it over top of the purple on the outer corners. It's sexy.Whats a good way with makeup to make my green eyes come out more??
    ok here's what u do:

    take a deep purple and cover ur lids to the crease,

    then take a light white shimmer and high light your brow bone right above the crease and put a dot on the inside corners of your eyes near your nose to make you look awake and makes your eyes look bigger. then coat ur lashes with mascara and maybe take a gold shadow dipped w/ a little water and line the bottom lashes of your eyes
    You should get a smokey-eye look. It brings out any eye colour if you put on eyeliner.

    Or, Almay has some type of product that brings out any type of eye-colour.
    Line your bottom lid with white eyeliner, then put green and white eyeshadow on your lid!

    Browns and purples.
    Here's a perfect way:

    Always black mascara and eyeliner, top and bottom. Apply lavender (it contrasts green) on your lids. On the crease of your eyelids, apply dark green. On your brow, apply a light green.

    The effects are amazing. Your eyes will look brighter, wider, and greener.

    Good luck :D
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